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The Construction Defect Center is one of the premier construction defect homeowners advocates in the United States.

The focus of the group is to assist homeowners in subdivisions, or condominium projects with help related to homebuilder defects in all US States, and metropolitan areas.

Construction defects can run the gamete from poor workmanship to defective building materials or products.  Defective building materials can include toxic or tainted drywall, homes or condominiums that leak when it rains or snows, also called building envelope issues, defective plumbing, defective windows, defective roofing materials, defective wood siding, defective stucco, defective treated lumber, defective electrical systems, defective design issues, flooding, and or drainage issues. 

When a consumer purchases a home from a homebuilder more often than not, the homebuilder will boast of quality, or an impeccable track record with homeowners.  Frequently this is not the case.  Not surprisingly, more often than not, the homebuilder fails to tell the homeowner about quality control issues with their work force or defective building products that were incorporated into the home or condominium because they were the cheapest product out there.


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The mission of the Construction defect Center is to help homeowners, or homeowners associations dealing with construction defect issues navigate through the problem in order to get the problem resolved with the best potential outcome for all involved. This service is free to all homeowners, and or homeowners associations nationwide.

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