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Ever seen a home with a bad roof that appears to be pitted, or have an uneven surface?

That is what blistering looks like. Blistering occurs when the manufacturer uses too much tar in the shingle mix. When the sun beats down on the roof, the tar lifts, or bubbles up, lifting the granules, and eventually causing the granules to fall off. To the untrained eye, this can resemble severe storm damage, or hail damage. You can best notice blistering by feeling the surface of the shingles. Blistering occurs heaviest on the sunny side of the roof, but can be found over the entire surface. Occasionally the homeowner can visually see blisters on a few shingles, or in most cases the entire roof was replaced with the defective shingles.

Once a roofing shingle manufacturer’s defect is found, the homeowner should contact the Construction Defect Center immediately at 866-714-6466. In the instance of a homeowner in a subdivision, condominium, or townhouse project, we will need to get information on the homebuilder, as well as who they used as their roofing contractor. The Construction Defect Center will provide the homeowner, or homeowners with a comprehensive free investigation to establish, size, or scope of the problem. In addition at no cost the Construction Defect Center will provide the homeowner, or homeowners information related to what steps are required to fix the problem, as well as costs. Further, once the Construction Defect Center understands the scope of the defective roof shingle problem, we will find construction defect legal experts in your city, or state that have a demonstrated ability to get relief for innocent homeowners stuck with a defective roof, or roof shingles.

The Construction Defect Center says, "it should be noted that poor roof flashing, or improper roof flashing can cause enormous damage to a roof, especially if it is a condominium project, or larger structure. If a condominium homeowners association is concerned about roof leaks, or mold, it could be poor architectural design, poor workmanship, or a combination of all of the above when it comes to roof flashing, gutters, or all of the above." The Construction Defect Center stands ready to assist homeowners, or building owners with defective roofing material, or defective roofing design issues.

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